• Blackberry 8300 curve
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    Since becoming a director in the company it was decided that I need to be more accessible to the clients and I proceeded to pick out the Blackberry Curve 8300 handset. I put this together with a North America phone plan and a 6gb data plan for about $130 per month. What we all forgot…

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  • Swiss army backpack
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    One one of my trips last year to visit a client in Bentonville, Akarnsas ( yes it’s Wal*Mart ) I went into a Sam’s Club and found a deal on a Swiss Army backpack for $40USD. My current backpack had essentially given up the ghost as the main zipper had blown.    The SA backpack…

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  • Toshiba A100 laptop
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      My traveling machine is a toshiba A100. A three year old machine with an 60gb harddrive and a gigabyte of ram, 1280×800 screen, wifi and a funky little tiny Bluetooth dongle for skype. Not terribly impressive by todays standards where 3/250 is the norm. It’s a tough little machine having logged lots of travel…

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  • Working locally for a week
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    So, clients are here this week. Makes a nice change from traveling to them. And no, it’s not the same client. This week is all about new functionality for them with a bunch of new reports topping the list. All great stuff in their eyes, and it will be when we finally deliver. Scheduling is…

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  • Ipod touch
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      This has to be my favorite piece of gear. It’s quite the toy and despite some of the press out there slagging it, I really enjoy the device and it’s functionality.   Solid music player, a good variety of interesting apps, though many games ( espicially the lite versions ) are unstable at times….

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  • Trip fun
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    Huge hassle when clearing customs despite the fact that I have made this trip at least 10 times over the last year and similar trips more than 50 times over the last 3-4 years. To add to the fun, snow in Boston closed the airport and we had to make a pit stop in Syracuse,…

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  • Dinner at Uno
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    Uno is a chicago style (their words) eatery. I really like their BBQ chicken flatbread pizza. One of my favs. Last night I also had a Blue Moon beer. Vey tasty, light citrus flavor with a cloudy appearance.

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