Thanks for stopping by. If you’re here, hopefully you’re looking at me to help you solve a problem. I’m good at that. I’ve been problem solving for a long time and its like a second nature to me. Code issues and database design are the simple pieces of the puzzle. How to strategize the web, how to get your project completed, those are the hard skills that I can offer.

I’ve spent 15 years developing programs and applications in a variety of settings. From crafting complex apps in Microsoft products with VB/VBA to developing large scale database systems in classic ASP and PHP, I’ve tackled it all.

As my skills developed, I started looking at how to get the work done. What processes are useful, whose got the skill set needed to finish the task? When does this item need to hit production? Answering those questions led me to take on roles as a project manager, getting the job done.

That is what I bring for the table for you.

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