The low down, scary facts about me

Enabl-u Technologies

Director of Development / DBA

Enabl-u Technologies supplies case management software to the retail and banking industries. I get to lead the team that builds and maintains the product, develop requirements and keep the clients happy. In this role, I got to have some fun doing things like:

  • Architected the C# off-line version of the web application and the Blackberry Audit Module

  • Manage architecture / development of the application on DB2, MSSQL and MySQL platforms

  • Provide DBA support for those platforms including RI design, DB tuning, data modeling

  • Provided tons of on-site support for various clients

  • Architecture / development of multi-language support, task and configurable forms modules

  • Developed the TIRS interface in PHP, connecting the application to a IVR system


I offer my skills to a variety of clients whose requirements included:

  • a B2B database-driven site in PHP5

  • enhanced functionality of sites for a client in the sport fishing industry (PHP5)

  • an email postcard application for the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • a subscription database application for a literary magazine.

Before moving into a pure programming position, I worked in the financial industry in a variety of roles, though in all cases I applied my technology skills to make the job easier.


Project Manager/Technical Developer

  • Managed successful project converting 200+ clients to new record keeping carrier

  • Designed / developed a variety of tools and applications including:

  • an web-based application / Oracle DB that allows clients to manage financial information.

  • built a call centre contact management tool

  • a data-driven management reporting system.

  • fund valuation tools for the account administrators

Account Manager

  • Managed various client’s corporate investment accounts

  • Built tools to manage the workflow

  • Conducted training of new staff regarding procedures and systems


Account Manager

  • Provided $75M of new equity issue services, high level client service contact and conducted shareholder meeting

  • Management of $40 Billion of debt instruments

  • Developed a database to simplify the reporting functions


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